The cocktail mix of life

Among 100 books we read a few stays in mind for ever. It may be a bestseller or may not be. One such book that I read last week was Mainak Dhar’s The Funda of Mix-ology: What bartending teaches that IIM doesn’t. It’s a story of a young man who has everything that one dream of. He is happy with what he has. After a promising academic life he is now having a high paid job and spends weekends with friends and of course beer n party. At one point he feels something is missing in life and he needed more time to write his novel.  He always had a desire to be a writer.

He is almost thirty years of age and as he approaches his thirtieth birthday he gets a different thought. He wants to get away from the rat race. He feels that its time to quit his high paid job and start life afresh. Then come the turn of events. He almost quit his job, gets drunk and almost gets killed in an accident. At this point he learns the secret ie, the happiness in life lies in mix-ology.

What is mix-ology? Like a well made cocktail the life can also be live mixing all the aspects. The true happiness comes there. He was about to quit job for his writer life. The accident gives way to a different life. The few hours in the hospital bed where he lay unconscious changed him entirely. It was a self discovery. He have a hallucination like thing where he find himself in front of queues and he immediately realizes the place may be the passage to heaven or hell. He feels that he is there by mistake and the guards and a woman there approves it and keeps him in a room inorder to check whether he can go back to his life. Meantime he is asked to spend time in front of a computer like equipment and he finds rewind play and forward keys in it. He first rewinds his life. Then he is eager to know what is in store for his future. There he is shown four possibilities in his life. And he realizes that if he chose one thing in life he has to sacrifice another thing. If happiness comes in the end something valuable is gone from him. By this realization he is transformed altogether. There came a thought in his mind that if he hets his life back he can correct something and make a happier life. Then came the woman with a good note that he can go back to his life. Though it was a dream like thing which he had, He was remembering every detail that happened in his adventurous trip. He was happy to see  his friends and after the days in hospital he starts to build his new life. And a love life was also added to it. He is in his days of happiness all over without sacrificing anything.

The book The Funda of Mix-ology is nothing but a feel good travel through the life of a young man. The crisis or dilemma in the  mind of the central character was faced by many. The corporate life then the emptiness, loss of creative space etc.. make people think- oh! where am I? What am I doing? There are more and more people coming out to feel the fresh air today. They travel to their dreams with passion and are content in life.

The book is easy to read. It’s not a cup of tea for the intelligent, serious readers actually. Yet it a cool one time read. Nothing much to say about the narrative, but the adventurous trip of the character was the best area in the book as we can visualize it like we see a film.